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What does it exactly means when people say inspired !!

I have come across people are saying I am inspired by that or these. What does it mean by ? It means that so many people are loving that particular style, or dance steps, colour combination and so on .....

I am bringing so excited styles which I was inspired by styles . I just wanted to give it a try and there no harm to give it go for anything that what you think . I am so glad and excited that I have platform to share my styles and designs in coming days I will be bringing so many things that you guys will definitely love it and I cant wait for that ....

I have tried some mix and match budget styles and that inspired by Layering style .


I really believe in budget styling , you can create any styles using low cost and make them Iconic .

While i have tried this H&M sweatshirt for styling my layering outfit and Kmart skirt for classy red Look . You can get it from anywhere .

I love to bring that passion and confidence into my style , You can be perfect if you feel you are !!


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