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In 2021 , I am saying YES to Everything !!

Dress like you are still a teen ;)

I’m feeling extremely optimistic about this year and I have no idea why! Just have this little tingling feeling that good things are going to happen and I’m holding onto it! I read this tin excerpt somewhere and I’ve kind of been practicing it sub-consciously. It is to say YES to everything that comes way. And then life will simply say YES back at you !!!

Here's quick outfit look for you , I have created this look for teens who struggles all the time #whattowear and even there is lot of confusion happens when you are actually trying to #mixandmatch things .

Well this outfit is absolutely Budget free and anyone can create this look

this dress is from Pantaloons and puffed sleeves white shirt from Myer

And dont forget to wear sneakers if you trying to get that Teen Look , I’m absolutely loving This Outfit and have seen a tremendous increase in my attraction towards everything blue and white these last few months. Not sure if this is a permanent transition but I can definitely see my wardrobe transforming!

Blue and White mix and match
A style for every story

This Positive feeling makes me feel alive , there are negative things as well but i am really neglecting them from my life Now !! as we all need walk forward :)

Stay Happy !! Keep Reading

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