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MY Floral look one of my most favorite Collection !!!

Usually we think of combinations of colors, clothing, patterns or other fashion choices

That we are afraid to take on. We seek approval from those around us and then choose

Whether or not to take the step, more so when investing in something expensive.

I believe in investing less for getting particular kind of elegant and trendy style as I know if you are confident everything will look best on you.

I really love integrating fashion with everything I style whenever relevant and this time too,

I decided to go with this colorful floral dress, one my favorite in collection. As you all know, now, I have become way more Confident and fearless when it comes to my fashion aesthetics and with the unending support of my virtual family, I have only gotten better.

What heels to be fit with it? As i chose white shiny heels, with no accessory , i just love to go simple with styles as it gives you a confident, positive , and desire to stand out is overcome by the fear of its failure.

Why I use confidence every time: - For me feeling positive and confidant is everything that’s the only thing you can carry to perfect look no matter what dress you wear , what jewelry you wear , how expensive your dress is in the end to get one click only matters is how confidant you are . That’s why you should be always have to stay bold and put that smile on .

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